Hell Gate Bridge

A few shots of the Hell Gate Bridge taken at different times and from slightly different perspectives.

During one of these shots a rat the size of a raccoon made his presence known to me. Rather than abandoning my gear and running away like a frightened school girl I finished what I set out to do.

I hope you like them and let me know which one you like best.

The Hell Gate Bridge, located in the East River in between Queens and Ward’s Island, is host to some of the strongest currents on the eastern seaboard. Many boats have a hard time navigating these waters.

There are many records of sunken ships. One famous ship that fell victim to its turbulent currents was the British ship H.M.S. Hussar. The Revolutionary War frigate was carrying 960,000 British pounds in gold when it struck a rock in the treacherous waters. 

There are treasure hunters still looking for this gold today.

There are many ghost stories and urban legends surrounding the Hell Gate. One of my favorite is of the ghost trains with passengers of the lost souls of the Spanish and Dutch explorers whose boats, sank in the turbulent currents directly below the bridge. #hellgatebridge #astoria #astoriapark #queens #NYC #newyork #bridge #sunset #Triborobridge #triboro #eastriver #ghoststory